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A Complete Guide to Buying Sofa Covers

Why choose sofa covers?

Imagine you are hosting a dinner party for your family. You invite the whole family with their children, thinking it would be a good idea to meet the extended family. Little did you know the nuisance some kids could be. Your darling nephew spoiled your sofas with a marker and you are left with a feeling of regret of inviting children in the first place.

You could have turned that situation upside down if you had invested in some good sofa covers. They not only protect your expensive sofas but with trendy designs, they give your living room an overall new look. Instead of buying a whole new sofa set when you have to renovate your house, you can choose to buy covers for your sofa online and save money. This is not only going to save money, but instead of one, you could buy some sofa covers which you could change from time to time, and keep altering the look of your living room.

Shop online

Online shopping in Pakistan has proved to bring some products within your reach. Ranging from buying cars, or appliances, or clothes to anything at all, it gives you easy access to everything you could think of. Similarly, online sofa cover in Pakistan is an easily accessible product that you can select and get it delivered to your abode. All you need to have is the right platform, and you have a million options to choose from.

When buying a cover for your sofa set online, Pakistan has some online shopping sites. However, not all may be reliable. You must choose a trustworthy seller and avoid falling for scams. Also, the new payment methods have become more convenient, and you do not have to worry if you do not want to pay online via your credit card. You can always make use of the Cash on Delivery option, and get the right product delivered at your doorstep.

Types of sofa covers

There are some sofa covers online in Pakistan that you can find. You can choose among the different types and buy sofa covers online to decorate your ensemble.

Sofa Throws

They are the simplest form of sofa covers that you can choose. They are easily thrown over the sofa as a drape, and the fall of the fabric does the magic. Another way to use these would be simply tucking them in between the sofa cushions. You can also choose different patterns when you buy sofa cover online, and since they are the cheapest, you can buy a number of them and change the look of your sofa time after time.


These type of sofa covers are fitted with the sofa making it look as if it is sewn on the sofa itself. You can buy sofa cover online like this, and start playing with colors and patterns. Usually, this type of sofa covers is custom made because they need to fit onto your sofa precisely. Thus, to make it look well fitted proper sizing will have to be done before making one.

Benefits of using sofa covers

Now that you have decided to buy sofa covers online in Pakistan, you might wonder why exactly there is a need to purchase one. Using sofa covers gives you a lot of benefits:

1.    Neatness

Using sofa covers on your sofas gives an overall neat look to your furniture. You will not let all the dust and dirt spoil the luxurious sofa set that you bought after saving a lot of money. Moreover, if you have pets in your house, their fur could kill the luster of your sofas. To keep it neat and clean, and not compromising on the elegance, sofa covers are your finest solution, as you can always wash them and they come out as fresh as new.

2.    Increasing the life of your sofas

Sofa covers are great at protecting the fabric of your sofas. With time, the fabric of your sofas may become dull and unattractive. You might have chosen a darker colored sofa just so that it does not appear dirty. Even though the dark color hides away the stains, they are still there, decreasing the overall life of your sofa. To avoid that, you can buy a sofa cover to increase the lifespan of your sofa set twofold.

3.    Sofa makeover

You tend to be bored of your surroundings with time. Thus, it is a good idea to play with colors and patterns often. However, you cannot afford to buy a whole new sofa set time after time. All you can do is purchase different styles of sofa covers and keep experimenting with new looks.

Types of fabrics that can be used

You can find a lot of different fabrics to choose from when you buy sofa covers online in Pakistan.

1.    Linen

This is by far the most common fabric used for sofa covers. The texture is soft, as well as crisp and clean, to make it the best choice when choosing elegant covers, especially for a formal look. However, linen covers are dry cleaned and not suitable for machine wash. Therefore, these types of sofa covers should not be used in houses where they are pets and children.

2.    Cotton

This is one of the most durable fabrics for sofa covers, especially in houses where there are children and pets. You can choose this type of sofa covers for everyday use.

3.    Microfiber

Microfiber sofa covers are a much modern alternate. They are synthetically made using polyester and polyester blend fibers. They are soft and have good anti-spill capabilities.

4.    Stretch

Stretch sofa covers are much like bedspreads. They are made with a blend of Spandex or Lycra which gives them a quality of being easy to clean. They can be used on sofas that are uniquely shaped, to conform to the original sofa completely.